The leader of the „Our Party” affirmed that he won’t take part in the protest planned on April, 24.

On his official page on Facebook Usaty wrote: „The Our Party has its own opinion about how should be the protest organized. We suggested the organizers of the protest to push it off, but they refused. The Our Patry will hold its own protest later. We can’t simply protest, we should win”.

Also Usaty claimed that Vlad Plahotniuc will make his best to put a crimp in the protests. He has already bought all free vehicles in Moldova so people to remain without a transport to rich the capital.

Renato Usaty said that now the protesters aren’t ready to win. In order to do it the protest should be delayed and make suddenly.

We remember the readers that the Civic Platform DA (honor and truth) plans a protest on April, 24. They will protest for the dismissal of the government and the organization of the pre-term elections together with the presidential ones.

The interesting thing is that recently the socialist party of Moldova with its leader Igor Dodon announced that they won’t participate in the protest, too.

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