The detention of the former acting Prosecutor General, Andrei Pantea, by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (APO) could be an act of revenge of the current head of the Anticorruption Prosecutors Office, Viorel Morari.

Viorel Morari led the APO in the interim position for half a year, being fired in January 2013, when Valeriu Zubco was substituted by Andrei Pantea. The former acting Prosecutor General accused Morari of irregularities in his activities, asking the Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP) to initiate disciplinary proceedings against him.  


In the same period, Viorel Morari also filed a complaint to the SCP against Pantea. However, neither of the complaints was taken onto account.

Please note that presently, the former first vice prosecutor general and the acting prosecutor general, Andrei Pantea, has been detained for power abuse i.e. transfer of the Karamalak case to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation. The case is examined by the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, led by Viorel Morari.

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