RiseMD writes that the headquarters in Chisinau of the Socialist Party, until last year, was owned by a company in Cyprus, whose final beneficiaries are hiding behind two offshore companies involved in the scandal of Panama Papers.

According to the investigation, in Moldova, the Cypriot company was represented by  SPRM parliamentarian family, Alla Dolinţă.

The building of approximately MDL 6 mln is on the street Serghei Lazo in the capital, where they are also registered two public associations. Charity foundation "Solutia" and NGO "Institute of Modernization of Moldova", founded by the leader of SPRM, Igor Dodon.

Dolinţă family owned the building since 2007 through the company Foradex Plus, the property company subsequently passed to Vesma-Teh, founded by Alla Dolinţă.

In 2009, deputy gave 99% of the share capital of Vesma-Teh, to the Cyprus's offshore HB Strenton Limited, founded by two other offshore companies: Stateco (Nominees) Limited and Stateco (Trustees) Limited, involved in the Panama Papers scandal.

More details on these offshore sites and the business of Dolinţă family can be found in the full investigation.

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