Leader of Action and Solidarity Party (ASP), Maia Sandu, and president of the Dignity and Truth Platform Party (DTPP), Andrei Nastase, invite Moldovans to a new anti-government protest to be held on October 1.

The announcement has been made today, September 23, by the two opposition leaders, who said they will continue to demand access to public television and the cancellation of the mixed voting system.

Maia Sandu said that on October 1 they will require the publication of the Kroll report results and bringing to liability the persons concerned in the crime. They will also ask for the renunciation to the mixed electoral system. At the same time, ASP president insists that the public television, Moldova 1, should give one hour of its broadcast to the opposition.

Andrei Nastase specified that the protesters' route will be established on the eve, and it will be a march that will start from the Gaudeamus cinema house.

Nastase also appealed to the young people, underlining that it is their future and the country that are at stake, urging them to join the protests.

We remind you that the latest protest of the opposition took place on September 17, during which a minibus drove into the police cordon.

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