Politicians continue to wage war on facebook. Prime Minister Pavel Filip publication of the transcript of the last government session at which it was decided to grant emergency loans to BEM, was not left without a reaction from Maia Sandu.

On her Facebook page, Maia Sandu wrote the following comment: i remind my vote colleague, Filip that I have never lied about the 2015 guarantee, nor about other things.

The transcript is clear evidence that the then governor of the National Bank, Dragutanu, demanded money for saving people's deposits and avoiding a banking crisis. If he lied, he will go to prison.

From the document it is clear that I had a categorical position, while the current Prime Minister and the rest of the DP ministers were as silent as a mouse, thus showing that they are absolutely indifferent of the matter.

The application for court remains in effect until the publication of the transcript of the  secret meeting of November 2014, where was released the first guarantee before NBM entered special administration at the 3 banks. "

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