Superior Council of Magistracy does not agree with the proposal of the Ministry of Justice to establish, by law, the obligation of the state to allocate for justice at least 1 percent of the national public budget, writes

SCM believes that 1 percent would mean an amount far too small and proposes a minimum increase to 1.5%

The initiative of the Ministry of Justice consists in modifying the law on judicial organization, which will contain an exact clause declaring that the budget approved by the Parliament will need to be at least 1 percent of the national public budget. The minimum funding guarantee the of 1 percent is a compromise solution, after authorities had received numerous recommendations to ensure a volume of financing between 1 and 2 percent, including from USAID and the Council of Europe, notes the same source.

"The problem of ensuring and guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary by ensuring the financial autonomy of the courts is not a national or regional problem, but  a matter of concern to the international community as a whole image, because it has been said that in this aspect there may be some imbalance between the powers of the State", is mentioned in SCM’s answer.

This year, the courts in Moldova would benefit from MDL 432 million, which means 1.21% of the State budget, the percentage share maintaining itself for the last three years.

The document is subject to public debates.

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