The head of the Municipal Enterprise Directorate for Road Repair and Construction of Balti, Serghei Pcela, was arrested last week for abuse of power and air pollution in Balti. He is accused of fraud, along with the mayor, Renato Usatii.

Thus, the businessman Dumitru Rusnac states that with Renato Usatii’s advent to the Balti city hall, both the mayor and the people of his entourage involved in frauds. Rusnac claims that Usatii stripped him of his business by deception.

"His idea was not to continue the contract, from the very beginning his idea was to find out the financial realities of the company and how it was better to take over that business. At that time, my company owed 7 million lei to the city hall, I was ready to return the money at any time and that was one of Renato Usatii’s conditions. They chose a different scheme, not a direct transfer from my company to the city hall, they insisted that I sold the company to someone they presented to me," the businessman Dumitru Rusnac said, quoted by

Following this shady transaction, the sanitation company, represented by Dumitru Rusnac, would go bankrupt, leaving the agent with no business.

"I sold the company having cash on accounts, there were ten million lei, of which three million were indebted to traders and they were to be transferred, and the remaining seven million had to be transferred to the city hall. We concluded a sale and purchase contract at the notary, and we attached the audit act, which stipulates that there was money, the money was passed in the presence of the notary. Finally, the money was not transferred, the money was simply stolen by the new buyer of the company, who is actually a person of Renato Usatii’s team, "the businessman said, quoted by the source.

Recall that on 25 September 2015, there was a strike in front of Balti City Hall, during which, Renato Usatii uttered defamatory and threatening words at the address of Global Prestservice, represented by Rusnac. The conflict reached the court, however, the Commercial Court decided to reject the businessman’s application to summon Renato Usatii to court and his request to make Usatii refute the information and pay moral damages of one leu to the company.

Company representatives said then that the real purpose of the Mayor of Balti was to subdue or even take over some of the businesses, "from the information we have, the mayoralty of Balti has a similar treatment towards all the undertakings, rendering public services. The real purpose of the Mayor of Balti is to subdue or even take over some of the businesses," the company stated in the press release.

Subsequently, sanitation company employees, who participated in the strike, were persuaded to leave their jobs and come to work for the municipality, and now, according to the source, regret this.

The administrators of the sanitation company state that the waste collected has been deposited on the territory of the municipal undertaking, after the company that manages the landfill in Balti forbade waste storage on the polygon, because the mayoralty owed them almost 1 million lei.

"Mr. Pcela, Mr. Seremet, Mr. Grigorisin and 500 activists of Our Party forcibly tried to enter the territory of the polygon to occupy the buildings and offices. We called the police and only thanks to them, this was not possible. As they failed to take over the polygon, they decided to purchase machinery to independently collect the waste.  The public procurement agency stopped the process, but they are tempted by the idea to take over the business ", Dumitru Rusnac said, quoted by the source.

According to the administrator of the polygon, they parked a car at the entrance to the territory of the landfill, they received the order not to leave the place.

Serghei Pcela and his employees would not be able to take the polygon by force, but they would have found another illegal solution. The waste of the city was evacuated and hidden in two unauthorized places in the villages of Elizaveta and Corlateni.

Following the protests of the villagers, Pcela ordered to burn the waste on the territory of the Directorate of Road Repairs and Construction of Balti, for which, on 27 October,  he  was arrested for 30 days on  suspicion of excess of authority and air pollution.

According to the sources cited by, besides being the head of the Directorate of Road Repairs and Construction of Balti, Serghei Pcela is a wealthy businessman. He owns a restaurant, a supermarket, a café, and a building under construction in Balti. However, none of these buildings is registered into his name, they are recorded into the names of his family members.

Please note that Serghei Pcela previously held the position of Head of the Department to Fight Organized Crime in the Northern Region and was involved in a bribery scandal.

He was also involved in a market scandal in Balti, when they blocked the direct access from the parking area to the commercial market. The press wrote that the market administration decided to block the access to the parking to favor Serghei Pcela, who also owned a parking and `he was from the entourage of the mayor Renato Usatii`.

Currently, Pcela is in custody of the Police Inspectorate of Balti. If found guilty, the official faces up to three years of imprisonment, with no right to hold certain positions for up to 5 years.

After the arrest of Pcela, Renato Usatii declared that the police officers would frame up a case against the official, because he refused to slander and betray the leader of Our Party.

Additionally, the mayor of Balti wrote on his Facebook page that Pcela allegedly went on a hunger strike because he did not agree with the court's decision, by which he was placed under arrest for 30 days.

Moreover, Our Party activists protested against his detention.



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