Director of the Resource Centre for Human Rights (CReDO), Segiu Ostaf, has been elected Member of the Parliament Integrity Council for a term of 5 years.

The Legal Commission of Parliament Appointments made the selection with four abstentions, after the deadline for submitting participation applications had been extended three times.

Mircea Tanasov also applied for the competition, but he missed the interview stage. Moldova Curata (Clean Moldova) wrote that Tanasov was a supporter of the Democratic Party, being the party councilor in the village of Palanca. The information was confirmed in the session of the Commission. According to the Competition Rules, candidates’ failure to present itself to the competition is considered a refusal to participate in it.

Not all the members of the Legal Commission were prepared to select the members of Integrity Council. One of them inquired, "Are we admitting or selecting them today?"

During the session, the LDP deputy, Tudor Deliu, said that, according to him, the contest had not been organized as required by law, referring in particular to Tanasov’s admission.

After the meeting of the Commission, Ostaf said he was involved in the drafting and adoption of the law on the National Integrity Authority, respectively, he knows it well. Ostaf also added that he regretted that there were no other candidates, "to eventually fight and compete for this position."

According to Ostaf, there are sufficient reasons to believe that many people in the Moldovan public sector do not meet the requirements of a public representative and he hopes to fight this phenomenon alongside the civil society representatives in the Integrity Council.

Sergiu Ostaf's candidacy is to be proposed for the approval of the Parliament.

Selection of Integrity Council members is due to the entry into force of the law on the National Integrity Authority as of August 1, this year. The body will be created by reorganization of the National Integrity Commission, being its successor in title.

So far, the following members have been appointed to the Council: Victor Micu, chair of the Superior Council of Magistracy, Mircea Rosioru, chair of the Superior Council of Prosecutors and Viorel Furdui, representative of the Congress of Local Authorities (CALM). Thus, two more representatives of the civil society, who will be chosen by a competition organized by the Ministry of Justice and a representative of the Government have to be chosen. Integrity Council members will be responsible for electing the president and vice-president of the National Integrity Authority. Their mandates will be valid for 5 years without a possibility of renewal.

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