"You wish" and "The Parliament will not be dissolved as President Dodon wants," these are the messages the DP sent to the Venice Commission. The messages were transmitted during the talks on amending the Constitution in the wake of the widening of the presidential duties, regarding the dissolution of the Parliament.

The statement was made by Deputy Sergiu Sirbu in a press briefing. The Democrat qualified Dodon's initiative as a populist one, a continuation of the electoral campaign and a form of political blackmail against the Parliament.

The Democrats would also have told the Commission representatives that they would vehemently oppose the "violation" initiatives of the Constitution.

According to Sirbu, such a draft law has not been officially registered nor will it be, because it is a project against social and political stability. At the same time, the deputy said that it would be strange for a president not to want additional powers, but the Parliament will not support such initiatives: "It is probably a beautiful dream of President Igor Dodon, but we will make every effort not to make it come true".

According to Sirbu, the Commission has previously stated that it is not good to have more grounds for dissolving the Parliament.

Recall that the Venice Commission is on a working visit to Moldova on May 18-19, at the invitation of President Igor Dodon. The subject of talks with Moldovan authorities is Dodon's proposal to amend the Constitution to complement the President's powers to dissolve Parliament. The President has proposed five additional points in this respect.

The institution has already had meetings with SPRM, LP and CPRM, and will have discussions with PPEM and LPDM. The LP and CPRM said they would not support the initiative.

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