Another hearing of Ilan Shor’s case, mayor of Orhei, took place today, where the magistrates decided to extend the house arrest.

The prosecutor says he will not appeal the magistrates’ decision today, as there are no new circumstances. He also added that he hopes to send the case to court by early September.

Shor's lawyers consider the decision illegal and declare that the prosecution did not present any new evidence.

"We believe that there is no evidence, demonstrating the guilt of our client. The decision is groundless and unjustified," one of Shor’s lawyers said.

The lawyers also said they had collected 17 thousand signatures of Moldovan citizens, demanding the release of Orhei mayor.

We remind you that on 5 August, the judges changed the preventive measure in respect of Ilan Shor and placed him under house arrest for 30 days.

It should be noted that Ilan Shor was arrested by officers of the National Anticorruption Center on 22 June; a new criminal case was initiated against him for extremely large swindle and money laundering.

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