Supporters of the Socialist Party, along with the party deputies, are protesting today, 24 September, in Balti, Anenii Noi and Cahul. They are chanting pro-president slogans and demand early elections.

Update 11:50.  The protests in Anenii Noi and Cahul are over.

Slogans such as "Support the President", "Victory Will Be Ours", "Thieves to Jail”, "Referendum", "Down with the Government", "Moldova", "and Power to the People" are chanted by the Socialists’ supporters, mostly in Russian.

The resolution of the Socialists, read to the crowd in Russian, provides for the transition to a presidential republic, early elections and the organization of a national referendum, previously proposed by President Igor Dodon.

  anenii noi.PNG

Protest of the SPRM in Anenii Noi. Source: catch


Protest of the SPRM in Cahul. Source: catch


Protest of the SPRM in Balti. Source: catch

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