In 2015, many deputies have made purchases of millions. According to, some deputies, according to the reports of wealth took possession of   real estate property or cars worth millions of lei.

Nicolae Juravschi- non-affiliated deputy got, in 2015, a new house and his wife bought last year a non residential area of 157.7 square meters, for which she paid MDL 4.219 million. The land has already brought significant income to the pair, Juravschi couple won MDL 695.000. Other MDL 110.000, they returned in dividends from the company Luxomod founded by Lucia Juravschi and Oxana Untu. Nicolae Juravschi had in 2015 a salary of deputy of MDL 149.000 lei, to which were added MDL 59.000 in allowances provided to deputies, MDL 34.000 - pension from the Ministry of Interior, MDL 113.000 lei - arrears allowance paid by CNAS . Lucia Juravschi earned MDL 208.000 from hes work at the National Olympic Committee, an institution run by her husband for 15 years. Other MDL 62.000 representing her salary from the company Luxomod.

At the same time, Lucia Juravschii is the founder of mixed enterprise Sport-Time SRL, with the type of activity - advertising, in which she holds a 30% share. Deputy himself is the founder of the sports club of canoeing Olimp-Juravschii SRL and holds shares in other three companies: Olympic Village SA (activities of foundations and sports facilities), Canu SRL and Treipart-Grup SRL (trade with wood materials, and other construction materials).

Three years ago, in 2013, Juravschi bought a house of 268.7 square meters, which he evaluated at MDL 2.134 million. Currently, the spouses still hold 87 agricultural lands, purchased over several years, an apartment, obtained yet in 1989, and a garage of the same year. Nicolae Juravschi also indicates in the declaration of assets for 2015, a bank loan of MDL 3.8 millin, which he promises to pay until 2025.

Petru Ştirbate-  boughtm in 2015 an apartment of 65 square meters, whose value is indicated in the statement of assets for last year. Ştirbate had an apartment of 27 square meters, bought in 2006, and in 2013 he took possession of a house of 173 square meters, which he valued at MDL 115.000.

In 2014, Ştirbate bought a car, a 2010 Mercedes, which he claims to have paid ten thousand euros. The deputy owns another two cars, but also a Invaden boat which he bought in 2013 with EUR 2.500. Ştirbate indicated in his statement that the only source of income for his family are his wages (MDL 189.000 in 2015) and his wifes' ,who is working at CRIS Registry (MDL 101,000).

Nae-Simion Pleşca- began in 2015 a new construction. When submitting the declaration of assets, the real estate was 32 square meters. Pleşca owns six other buildings. Two houses: one of 304 square meters and another of 716 square meters, an apartment of 26 square meters in Bucharest, an apartment in Chisinau of 38 square meters and another rebuilt in a uninhabited space, with an area of 129 square meters. The property is valued at MDL 1.9 million. At the same time, Pleşca family owns two land for construction with total area of 20 acres, purchased in 2009 and 2012.

Alexandr Nesterovschi- bought a Mitsubishi Outlander 2004 with MDL 25.000.

Vladimir Andronachi- bought four acres of land with MDL 42 thousand  and took in commodatum a 2015 Land Rover, worth RON 1.6 million. Andronachi has achieved in  2015 revenues of more than MDL 2.350 million from rental of commercial spaces of over 500 square meters, purchased in 2013 with over MDL 6.4 million. In 2014, Andronachi bought an apartment of 218 square meters, for the amount of MDL 1.227 million.

Valentina Rotaru- bought a 2004 Nissan Micra car in 2015.

Maria Ciobanu- obtained last year by inheritance an agricultural land of 30 acres and a house of 62.3 square meters.

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