Speaker Andrian Kandu said in a TV-program at Publika TV that it is necessary to exclude the deputy immunity.

 «The government came up with a bill for limiting the immunity, but we go further and want to change the Constitution to exclude immunity. Let it remain only in their political declarations», said the Speaker of Parliament.

Moreover, Mr. Candu considers a universal rule should proceed for all citizens of Moldova.

«All citizens are equal and we all have the same rights. Everyone should understand it. The members of the government aren’t pleased of the immunity, but this doesn’t mean that thay can be threatened. They are operating in a world open to the press and information stream, it's really difficult for them to hide some things and say that someone squeeze them. That is why we look forward to cancelling the immunity», made a conclusion Adrian Candu.

Currently the law contemplates that the deputy can not be detained and searched without the parliamentary decision on the elimination of deputy immunity. 

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