March, 31 is the deadline to file a property return, but not all state officials hurry to do it. According to the press release of the National Integrity Commission up to date there have been lodged about 30 thousand declarations of income and property and personal interests. This number makes only 1/3 of the total number of declarations that must be lodged before 31st March of the current year.

In accordance with the provisions of article 330(2) of the Code of Administrative Offences, the violation of the limit period for the filing of declarations is punished by a fine in amount of 75 to 150 c.u. (1500 - 3000 lei).

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The declarations on income and personal interests of officials can be found on the portal:

Their classification is placed on

We can find information only about two public figures who declared their income for 2015 on there. This is the chairman of the Central Election Commission Yuri Ciocan and ex-minister of education Maia Sandu.

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State officials are legally obliged to hand in annual declarations in accordance with article 3 of Law No.16 from 15.02.2008 about conflict of interests and article 3 of Law No.1264 from 19.07.2002 about declarations and control of income and property of the persons holding responsible state positions, judges, prosecutors, state officials and some directors.

Even in the case when the declarations are lodged before 31st March they appear much later on the website of the National Integrity Commission. Public official lodge the declarations at their job locations, then the declarations are transmitted to the Commission, which publishes them within one month from the date of receipt.
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