While the Chisinau’s elected officials are ready to give up their immunities, deputies from Tiraspol have other plans. They have approved a bill which provides to the so-called Transnistrian deputies a lifelong immunity.

Moreover, those who are elected in the Supreme Council can’t be searched or interrogated even if they were caught in act.

The Transnistrian deputies can be detained only if they are caught at the crime scene. But for personal searching or interrogation the police need a Supreme Council’s permission.

According to the Transnistrian site politpmr.net, this initiative provoked sharp criticism from the regional "government". There are 43 deputies in the Tiraspol’s Supreme Council.

While Transnistrian deputies ask to be privileged, in Chisinau the president of Parliament Adrian Candu said that the procedure of the Constitution amending to cancel parliamentary immunity is already on the parliamentary agenda.

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