The Supreme Court of Justice overturned the ruling of the Cahul Court of Appeal with reference to the Mayor of Taraclia Serghei Filipov, writes.

According to the source, the decision was taken yesterday, and the motivation of the sentence will be published on 30 August. Additionally, the news mentions that such a decision was due to the pressure of civil society and international organizations.

Recall that Mayor of Taraclia, Serghei Filipov, a member of the CPRM, remained without a warrant on 4 April, when the Cahul Court of Appeal condemned him for clearing of trees in the square of the Town Hall. The former mayor was imposed a fine of eight thousand lei and obliged to return the state the damage of 164 thousand lei. Moreover, Filipov was denied the right to hold public office for a period of two years.

The Head of EU Delegation to Moldova, Pirkka Tapoila, referred to this decision and called it politically biased.

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