The head of the state reiterated his position on the democratic governance after the Parliament Speaker, Andrian Candu, took his office for a few minutes and invested the new members of the cabinet.

Obviously affected by the recent decisions of the Constitutional Court and the Democrats’ actions, Dodon accused the "Euro-Unionist government" of "serious deviations from the democratic principles and rule of law."

"It is blamable that these slips of government are supported by the Constitutional Court. The ministers called today are deprived of -legitimacy and will take on the assumption of guilt for the way they were invested. As well as for the way they manifested themselves in other corrupt governments," the president said in a post on his Facebook page.

Igor Dodon also said that "his patience has a limit," and those in the government should abandon the practices of cheating the rule of law and compromising the Constitution.

The head of the state also emphasized that both the Presidency and the Socialist opposition call for the mobilization of the citizens to put an end to these constitutional crimes and abuses.

"Bear in mind, gentlemen in the Government and in the parliamentary majority, that citizens see and understand everything. The more antisocial and anti-state you are acting now, the more painful will be the blow you will receive. Pray that you will receive this blow only in the parliamentary elections, not earlier," Dodon wrote.

The Constitutional Court has positively decided on the referral of a group of democratic deputies, who requested the suspension of Igor Dodon and the taking over of the office by the speaker or prime minister for the appointment of new members in the Government led by Filip.

Today, Jan. 10, Andrian Candu, acting as interim head of the state, signed decrees on the appointment of new ministers.

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