Superior Council of Magistracy approved yesterday, November 29, Judge Tatiana Raducanu’s request to resign from the Supreme Court. The legal commission for appointments and immunity has voted today for Raducanu’s resignation. Subsequently, the request has to be approved by the Parliament.

The resignation was sought by the magistrate herself by filing an application without explaining the reasons for such a decision.

Raducanu's career in the judiciary system

Tatiana Raducanu started to work in the judiciary system in 1988 as a judge of Rascani District Court. In 1996, Raducanu was appointed judge to the Court of Appeal, where she served until 2005, when she became a judge of the Supreme Court. In 2014, the magistrate became member of the Superior Council of Magistracy.
In 2015, Tatiana Raducanu participated in the contest for the position of vice chair of the Supreme Court of Justice. Although she was the only contender for the position, the SCM rejected Raducanu’s candidacy.

Throughout her activity in the system, a case, examined by Raducanu, reached the ECHR. It seems to be a "historical case", in which Moldova was ordered by the ECHR to pay over 2.5 million euro to Oferta Plus LLC, a company supplying electricity. That case also involved the name of the chair of the SCJ, Mihai Poalelungi.

According to the page of human rights lawyers,  7 of the decisions, made by the court panel that included Judge Tatiana Raducanu were subject of examination by the ECHR: Grafescolo LLC against Moldova; Busuioc against Moldova (freedom of expression); Savitchi against Moldova (freedom of expression); Macovei and others against Moldova (right to a fair trial) and (protection of property); Flux no. 3 against Moldova (freedom of expression); Dolneanu against Moldova (protection of property) and (right to an effective remedy); G.B. and R.B. against Moldova.

In 2014, the SCM conferred the judge the honorary title of Veteran of the Judiciary System. Also in 2013, Tatiana Raducanu received the Order of Labour Glory. The judge had previously received two Honorary Diplomas of the SCM.

The magistrate had submitted another resignation letter in 2014, invoking health problems, but in less than a month, she annulled the request.

Magistrate’s property

Tatiana Raducanu appeared in several journalistic investigations, related to the wealth of judges.

According to her latest statement of income, Raducanu had in 2015, together with her husband, an income of over half a million lei, coming from salaries and pensions.

According to an article published by the National Newspaper (Ziarul National), the pension of the judge has increased significantly. Thus, if in 2013 she received a pension of 6715 lei per month, while in 2014, her pension doubled, reaching up to 13 679 lei per month.

The judge declared a plot of land, worth 325 699 lei that she bought in 2005; an apartment worth 402 008 lei, bought in 1988 and a house worth 1.18 million lei, finished in 2011. ZDG wrote about the house, owned by Raducanu’s family that, in fact, its real market value would be 6-7 million lei, being adjacent to the house of Zinaida Greceanii, member of the SPRM, and to that of Vladimir Cebotari, Minister of Justice. The source also wrote that it made a simple calculation and found that the judge would have to work 50 years in the judiciary system without incurring other expenses to be able to afford a house of 6-7 million lei.


Following the article of ZDG, the judge was targeted by the NIC (National Integrity Commission), but the cause was shelved.

Also in 2011, Raducanu acquired a Toyota worth 150 000 lei.

The judge leaves the system with deposits worth over 26 thousand euros and over 21 thousand lei. By 2017, Raducanu has to repay a debt of 100 thousand lei, contracted in 2015.

ZDG also wrote that Raducanu is a relative of Alexander Machedon, owner of StarNet.

In 2015, Raducanu was included in the list of 100 richest public persons of Moldova, being among the 10 richest women with public positions.

Raducanu – a critic of the system

This year, Tatiana Raducanu has publically displayed her critical attitude towards the system.  

The magistrate was the only judge who did not vote for the candidacy of Mihai Poalelungi to the position of Chair of the SCJ. Subsequently, due to this critical attitude, Judicial Inspection has been urged to take actions against Raducanu.

Raducanu also criticized the reforms, initiated by the Center for Reform in the Judicial System, created at the initiative of Mihai Poalelungi.

In an article published by Free Europe, the judge said she was affected by the situation in the judiciary system and problems related to the promotion, appointment into leadership and review of the controversial legislation on retirement of judges. This could be one of the reasons, why Raducanu decided to leave the judiciary system.

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