The current chairman of the Constitutional Court of Moldova published a separate opinion about the cancellation of the parliamentary immunity on his official page.

Alexandru Tanase considers that the modifications will play a low-down trick with some persons, that will become vulnerable to the political persecution: “I consider that the vulnerability to the repressive actions of the government can affect the essence of the parliamentarism as a system, where the Parliament elected by people controls another powers”.

Alexandru Tanase criticized  the idea to cancel the immunity already in 2011: “The use of the provisions of the Constitution for the limit of the democracy contradicts to the tone of Constitution itself”.

In 2011 Tanase gave many examples, when the cancellation of the immunity was used against the oppositionist deputies: Nikolai Alexey, Yuri Roshka, Shtefan Sekereanu, Vlad Cubriakov, Valentin Kilat, Eujen Girla, Nikolae Malaki, Ivan Gutsu, Ion Ciontoloy, Serafim Urechean, Vasile Coltsa, Anatolie Popushoi and Vladimir Voronin.

Now Tanase doesn’t mention any examples of the case, when the immunity doesn’t prevent from the penal prosecution, but the “case of Filat’’ seems to confirm his words.

In spite of his opinion Alexandru Tanase together with the members of the Constitutional Court voted positive the conclusion of the project-in-draft.


At the moment the experts consider that there will be enough votes in the Parliament to adopt the project-in-draft that will modify the article of the Constitution about the parliamentary immunity.

The deputies from the Democratic Party, Party of Socialists and Liberal Party of Moldova claimed in a TV-program “Moldova in direct” that they are for the modification.

The deputy of DPM Serghei Sirbu considers that the cancellation of the immunity will make everybody equal in the eyes of the law, because there are too deflant and attention-getting deputies that use their immunity for dubious purposes.

The deputy from PS Vasile Bolea thinks that the other categories of officials should be also left without the immunity, for example the governor of the National Bank, the lawyers etc. He also admitted that there are deputies in the DPM which don’t want to lose their immunity and will be against the law.

The PLM deputy Ion Casian claimed that all of his colleagues of the party will vote the law for the cancellation of the parliamentary immunity.

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