павел филип.jpgThe Prime-Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip made an arrangement to check all the documents in the Customs Service of Moldova related to the regulation of business activity. The main criteria are: the time limitation, the level of the consultation with the business-society of Moldova, the correspondence to the Legislative and etc.

The Ministries of Economy, Finance and Justice were also to check all the documents related to regulation of activity of businessmen. They had to overview the orders and arrange them in correspondence with the Legislative in a month.

As a result 169 orders of the Customs Service were cancelled, 52 will be overviewed by the work group of the State Commission on Regulation of the Entrepreneurial  Activity, 1 document is supposed to juridical examination and 6 will be published in the Official Monitor.

The documents that weren’t examined and would appear in future, lost their juridical force.

The Prime-Minister thanked the services for the execution of the arrangement and mentioned that it’s possible to get necessary results in a short time if there is a will.

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