The head of the Customs Service and head of the Leuseni Border Police were dismissed from office on Thursday, August 2. The decision was made at the request of Prime Minister PavelFilip, after the official found last week that the officials did not respect the indications he gave.

It is about the head of the Leuşeni customs head IurieMaximov and the head of the Leuşeni 2 Border Police sector, Andrei Toderiţă. Thedecisions on their dismissal were signed by the Customs and Border Police. The information was confirmed for CrimeMoldova by the Press Services of the Institutions.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers paid an unexpected visit to Leuşeni customs last week, where he found irregularities. More specifically, passengers ofthe tourists buses were asked to get out from buses and checked, creating discomfort to citizens, even if the premier had previously asked for this to be done only when there were suspicions. Later, PavelFilip asked the Control Corps to analyze the situation. After checks, it was found that both the Head of Customs and the Chief of the Border Police did not comply with the requests and continued to carry out control by asking people to get out of the buses and checking their luggage as well.

Following yesterday's remarks, the prime minister called for the resignation of the two officials, saying "he will not tolerate such situations."


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