The fraction of the European People’s Party of Moldova at the session of the Municipal Council of Chishinau suggested to hold a referendum over the resignation of the current Mayor of the capital Dorin Chirtoaca.

The date of the referendum coincides with the date of the election of the President. Thus the country will keep public money– mentioned the fraction.

According to Oazu Nantoi affirmed: “There is an impression that mister Chirtoaca is happy with the chaos in the city: the nontransparent tenders, for example, on repair works, which win companies that made fun of the roads and people living there. At the same time the Mayor stands against the reform of the administration that demonstrated insolvency, non-transparency and corruption. We affirm that the Mayor doesn’t defend the interests of the locals, violates the laws, the moral and ethic rules, that is enough, according to the art.177 (2) of the Electoral Code, for the referendum over the resignation of the Mayor”.

The suggestion was sustained by the Our Party and the Party of Socialists.

The EPPM presented the suggestion of referendum after the Chirtoaca and Liberal Party campaign for the limitation of the powers of the Municipal Council.

Also the fraction suggested to adopt the decision about the referendum at a special session of the council in September.

In February this year the EPPM members claimed that they would took off their signs from the act for the foundation of a pro-European alliance in the council, because they understood that behind the European rules there are corrupt schemes and conflict of interest.

We remember that the EPPM sustained Dorin Chirtoaca in the second tour of the local elections in June, 2015.

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