The former leader of the self-proclaimed Transnistrian Republic, deprived of immunity, yesterday, June 28, is indicted as being charged with 5 criminal cases, which is why the so-called region prosecutor, Anatoly Guretsky, has demanded the withdrawal of immunity. The criminal cases, which include Shevchuk, relate to fraud in the region's budget, but also smuggling schemes. According to official sources, the former leader would have left the region.

Thus, according to, one of the criminal files opened regarding Sevciuk was initiated for influence peddling by creating the non-commercial organization "The Stability Fund of the MRI". Between May of 2012 and April of 2016, as President of the region, Sevciuk embarrassed the region's budget. The money intended to cover the budget deficit and those intended for the single state social fund for the payment of pensions and allowances amounting to 82.9 million rubles would have been stolen by the former leader. Also, the prosecutors established that the money from the accounts of the Tiraspoltransgaz-Transnistria, Tirasteploenergo, Benderteploenergo and the Cuciurgan plant was transferred to the Stability Fund, created by the former Transnistrian leader. Being the only founder of the organization, Shevchuk called loyal leaders there and included a provision in the state of the institution that he had the right to manage fund resources. According to the prosecutor, however, the so-called president of Transnistria is not allowed to carry out commercial activity.

The second criminal case, which includes Shevchuk, refers to Biohim's business. Since the company's ownership of the region, the budget would have been deprived of 704,000 US dollars. This money, according to so-called deputies in the Transniestrian Parliament, would have come directly to the ex-Transnistrian leader. Thus, 12 cents per liter of alcohol, produced by Biohim, would have arrived in Shevchuk's pocket. Under the scheme, the enterprise closed its activity, leaving 200 people without a job.

Also, Sevciuk is involved in a criminal case on organizing and participating in smuggling schemes for alcohol and tobacco, along with other officials, who would manage Zlatogor, Ţita and Stavros. An investigation by the so-called deputies of the region shows that the sum of the smuggling involving the ex-leader of the region would be 140 million US dollars, and the amount of unpaid taxes in the budget would be 43.5 million dollars. The MPs believe that these smuggling schemes are the argument of the Moldovan and Ukrainian authorities to introduce common control points in the Transnistrian region. For the same reason, Ukraine has banned the official import of excisable products from / through Transnistria. The current MPs in the so-called TMR Parliament accuse Shevchuk of having intervened in the investigations into the disclosure of these schemes, by providing searches and raising evidence, as well as dismissing those involved.

Another criminal case involving Shevchuk is related to the freezing of some of the funds for pensions and salaries of public servants. The former leader would have issued a provision that interest on a special account where gas money would have been needed to cover a certain deficit. The provision would have been issued against the region's legislation, under the pretext of increasing the reserve for mobilization.

The latest criminal case involving the former TMR leader is related to giving false testimonies by two citizens of the region who executed custodial sentences. According to the District Prosecutor, in September of 2016, as witnesses, the two witnessed falsely testified, and in December 2016, by a decree of former President Shevchuk, they were pardoned. Moreover, they received from Shevchuk, through an intermediary, 600 dollars in reward for the services they provided. The source does not specify what testimonies are concerned.

Recall that yesterday, June 28, the former leader of the self-proclaimed republic on the left bank of the Nistru river was deprived of the so-called Transnistrian deputies immunity. According to the source, Shevchuk was absent from the hearing where his immunity was withdrawn, although the law of the region compels former presidents to attend such issues. After being notified about the meeting and the subject to be discussed, Shevciuc would have left the territory of Transnistria, the source notes, referring to official sources.

In a Facebook post, the former Transnistrian leader Evgheni Shevciuc accused his political opponents of intimidation and pressure. He also wrote that the so-called Parliament in the self-proclaimed republic voted for his deprivation of immunity at someone's indications.

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