In 7 years after the events of April 2009 the General Prosecutor's Office presented several statistics associated with the protests.

There were initiated many criminal cases against those who took part in the protests. They are accused of vandalism, criminal damage, thief from the Presidency and Parliament of Moldova. Totally there were initiated 102 criminal cases. 31 of them were sent to courts, 68 cases against 178 persons were cancelled, 3 criminal cases against 3 persons were stopped.

71 cases were commenced against policemen accused of abuse and tortures.

42 representatives of law will be attracted to penal responsibility for tortures and 19 for abuse.

From the total number of cases 28 were sent to the court, another were cancelled through the lack corpus delicti.

At the same time there were pronounced 17 definitive sentences for 27 persons, 14 have to pay a fine, 11 were condemned to imprisonment.

According to the prosecutors’ data many cases against policemen were sent to the courts in 2009 and 2010, but there are still 13 cases against 24 policemen being examined.

For example, the case against Hakob Gumenitse was sent to the court in May 2010. He is convicted of abuse on April, 7 in 2009. But the case is still being examined in the court of Buiukani district. There were several sessions, but the sentence wasn’t yet pronounced.

Another cases of the delay relate to Petru Corduneanu and Dumitru Russu. Their cases over abuse were sent to the court in February, 2010. After the court of Buiukani condemned them to a fine in August, 2014, the prosecutor’s office appealed the sentence. Now the case is in the Court of Appeals.

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