On May 18, the Commercial District Court issued a verdict in the Global Prestservice LLC vs. Renato Usatii civil case. The company accused him of spreading defamatory information about the company, which could damage their professional reputation.

The circumstances of the "I will break your heads" case

The conflict between the Global Prestservice and Renato Usatii burst on September 24, 2015, in front of the Balti City Hall, during the strike organized by several employees of the company. The protesters claimed that they haven’t received their salaries for two months. The company claimed that it happened because of the Balti City Hall debt worth 5 million lei to the company.

The defamatory information and threats to the company were spread by the YouTube account “Ренато Усатый”, by the web page ru1.md, and by the controversial politician Facebook account.

That’s the Usatii’s defamatory message: "I will break your heads ... I will bury you both in the asphalt... I will put you in the disabled persons’ carriage ... You are a bunch of bastards, crooks who robbed the people... leave, I don’t want to see you...". " These marauders, I think, simply put the money in their pockets. They enriched, but the workers were left without money for leaving, I will bury them on the  city dump".

The company requested to order the withdrawal of those statements. The text of public apology should sound like this: "Me, Renato Usatii, completely deny any defamatory information about the Global Prestservice LLC, Alexandru Platon and Dumitru Rusnac, spread on September 24, 2015, in front of the Balti City Hall, during the strike organized by several employees of the Global Prestservice LLC. That information is untrue and unfounded. I express my apologizes for the defamatory statements about the company Global Prestservice LLC and its representatives Platon Alexandru and Dumitru Rusnac".

Also the company requested from Renato Usatii the moral injury payment to the Global Prestservice LLC, Platon Alexandru and Dumitru Rusnac worth 1 leu.

The company’s representatives: “The true aim of the Mayor of Balti is to obey or to even capture the business”

After the conflict, the company responsible for the Balti sanitation and cleaning refused to work until the City Hall will pay all or a part of the debts. "We consider that Mr. Renato Usatii is directly responsible for the current situation that confirms his inability to manage the city and we think the hysterical reaction of Mr. Mayor of Balti is the part of the strategy of the defense his reputation before the public and the black PR against our company". Through the press release the company announced that it will go to the court because of the City Hall’s debts and the threats: "As for the inadequate behavior of the Mr. Mayor, we should mention that we will immediately send the request to the General Prosecutor’s Office on threats and the application to the court to defend the company’s honor and dignity".

They also claimed: "According to the information we have, the Balti City Hall behaves in the same way with all providing public services companies, and the real purpose of Mayor of Balti is to subordinate or to even capture the business".

The Commercial Court verdict

munteanu.pngFollowing the examination of the case, the Commercial District Court decided to dismiss the lawsuit. The court also rejected the request of Usatii’s public apology and the moral injury payment.

The trial was conducted by the judge Gheorghe Muntean. In 2013 Muntean was deprived of the immunity and prosecuted because of illegal verdict that intentionally damaged the company for millions lei.

The Global Prestservice may appeal the verdict at the Chisinau Court of Appeals within 30 days.

Usatii represented by the party’s sponsor

pohila.pngRenato Usatii was represented at the Court by the lawyer Igor Pohila, who is also one of the sponsors of the Usatii’s party. During the 2014 parliamentary elections Pohila was №32 in the list of candidates for deputy from the Party "Patria". He also was a candidate for the Balti municipal counselor.

Pohila also was a sponsor of the party "Patria". He donated 700 000 lei – the money obtained from advocacy and the leasing of his immovable property. The ZDG wrote that he violated the Law on Advocacy that forbids owning of any company, but he was the founder of the Oldnavi LLC.

In 2007 Pohila was the candidate for ECHR judge position from Moldova, but he wasn’t elected.

On the Chisinau Court of Appeals website there are 4 verdicts in which figures the controversial politician.

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