The civic activist Alexei Dimitrov wrote on a social network that Gheorghe Morgoci, head of RTEC (Chisinau Electric Transport Agency), was imposed a fine of 200 lei after insulting him.

Recall that during the break after the meeting of the Chisinau Municipal Council of 19 July, the head of the Chisinau Electric Transport Agency, Gheorghe Morgoci and the activist Alexei Dimitrov got into an argument.

Alexei Dimitrov wrote, "Today, at the Central Police Inspectorate, I found out that the head of the RTEC G. Morgoci was imposed a fine of only 200 lei for the serious insults he flung at me on 19.07. 2016, when in the presence of municipal councilors he said that "I suck … "and that he wants me" to croak".

Additionally, in his statements, Morgoci wrote the following, "I asked Dimitrov to stop the terrorism against me and the team. For his actions, he deserves to be in jail. I said that he sucks my blood and I recommended him to do beautiful things for the residents of Chisinau", referring to his veiled hate for me and his wish to see me next to the prison bathroom.

So, these are our law enforcement agencies. A living example of the triumph of the law.

PS: At the moment, according to some sources, G. Morgoci is on holiday and rests in Dubai. But I do not stop here. Everything is just to come." 

Until this moment, Gheorghe Morgoci has come up with a response.

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