The Minister of Health and her deputies have impressive wealth. This Ministry is the one where the gender discrimination is reversed. The Minister and both deputy ministers are women.

Glavan: a new Mercedes and over 2 million lei income

Ruxanda Glavan .pngRuxanda Glavan (a member of Democratic Party) seems to be the richest minister in Moldovan government according to her wealth declaration for 2015. She was the deputy minister and the Minister at the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection.

Glavan declared an income from salary of 58 310 lei as the Minister of Health and 82 333 lei as the Minister of Labor, Family and Social Protection. However, the highest income was declared by Glavan's husband, who is vice-governor of the National Bank of Moldova. He declared income from salary of 820 241 lei. The spouses had also an income of 47 654 lei of interests on a deposit.

Also Ruxandra Glavan had income about half a million lei from the sale of the shares in one of the companies. Another 58 556 lei were obtained from allowances; another half a million lei was obtained from the Glavirux LLC’s activity.

The Glavirux is the company that in the 2011-2015 period signed contracts with the state for 14.8 million lei. About these public acquisitions the ZDG wrote an article. Glavan commented later, that in 2013, stopped to be manager of the company when he was appointed deputy minister at the Minister of Labor, Family and Social Protection. She said that public acquisitions won by the Glavirux were never challenged.

The Minister also declared three plots of land worth over 600 thousand lei, 2 apartments worth 1.2 million lei and two houses worth 1.8 million lei.

According to the wealth declaration, both houses worth about 2 million lei, but as was mentioned in the Rise Moldova article, one of the Glavan’s houses owned was estimated by the real estate experts at about 9 million lei.

proprietatea lui Glavan.png

She also owns two cars: a Toyota Corolla worth 90 thousand lei and a Lexus GS worth 22 thousand lei. Ruxandra Glavan has also bought a Mercedes CGI worth about 176 000 lei in 2015.

In December 2014, NIC initiated a check on Aureliu Cincilei (Glavan’s husband) suspecting him of non-declaring all the cars he owned.

The financial assets of the Minister are also impressive: 3.4 million lei (there were opened 2 bank deposits worth over 1000 USD and 200 euros in 2015); 22 thousand euro on the current account in 2016.

The Minister also declared debts worth 10 thousand lei.

There was also declared a 0.00001% participation share in Eurocreditbank owned by her husband.

Glavan declared herself as the founder and a member of Private Institute "Institute for Health".

The wealth of Iasan and Serbulenco

The deputy minister Liliana Iasan declared an income from salary of 203 872 lei in 2015. Her husband earned 233 939 lei.

L iasan.jpgLiliana Iasan

Both spouses have obtained about 4 000 lei of interest on Agroindbank’s accounts.

Her husband declared 30,600 lei from selling his shares of the JS Rural Financing Corporation - one of the leaders of microfinancing in Moldova. Another 10 thousand lei her husband obtained from the sale of real estate, and about 200 thousand lei from consultancy services for IE Valeriu Iasan.

The deputy minister also declared two plots of land of 448 thousand lei and 31 thousand lei, a house of 1.7 million lei, a car of 231 thousand lei and about 68 thousand lei as the financial assets (an account with 117 dollars and another one with 9000 lei, both opened in 2015).

The Iasans owns shares of JSC Rural Financing Corporation (2.30%), the Moldova Agroindbank and IE Iasan Valeriu (100%).

The vice-Minister Aliona Serbulenco had a salary of 55 584 lei from the Ministry of Health and 155 790 from the Clinic for Aesthetic Medicine Sancos. Also from Sancos the vice-Minister and her husband got a salary of 14 443 lei and 385 849 lei from "Health Forever International" LLC.

a serbulenco.jpgAliona Serbulenco

In 2012 the Sancos concluded a contract for over 2 mln lei with National Medicine Insurance Company.

The company "Health Forever International" LLC, where the Serbulenco’s husband works has won two contracts, one also with NMIC in 2013, for about 5 mln lei, and another in 2015 for over 50 thousand lei.

The vice-Minister also obtained 1200 lei from membership in Soros-Moldova Foundation and 8 thousand lei from the lease of agricultural land.

The official also declared 6 plots of land worth 20485 lei, two houses of about 121 000, over 1 million lei and an apartment of 3 thousand lei (!).

According to the statement, in 2015 she bought a car for $10 000.

The financial assets are about 54 thousand lei (over 11 thousand lei in 2015 and 9000 lei in 2016).

Serbulenco declared 100% shares in the IE Serbulenco Aliona, noting that the firm is in the process of winding up.

Serbulenco also has debts of over 1.1 mln lei that she has to repay by 2025 and $8518 until 2018.

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