On March 30, the CEC (Central Electoral Commission) rejected the referendum initiative, aiming at amending the Constitution to allow the election of president by the people of the country. The DA Platform (Dignity and Truth) submitted 400,000 signatures, collected to support the initiative. Rejected by CEC, the initiative group filed a claim against the institution and on April 14, 2016, Domnica Manole, Judge of the Court of Appeals, issued a judgment annulling the decision of CEC, ruling the initiation of the referendum.

Later, the CEC appealed to the Supreme Court, which at the end of March, invalidated the decision, issued by Domnica Manole. 

In connection with this case, the Interim General Prosecutor, Eduard Harunjen, filed a complaint to the Superior Council of Magistrates (SCM) requesting an investigation of the magistrate, because the she exceeded her authority by interpreting the Constitution. Thus, Domnica Manole, judge of the Court of Appeals, will likely be criminally responsible for having adopted a decision obliging the CEC to initiate a referendum on the election of the president by the people, at the initiative of DA Platform. SCM will decide on the initiation of criminal proceedings with regard to Dominica Manole  on Tuesday, May 31.

Previously, CEC also filed a complaint to SCM, claiming that Manole issued a decision that was "obviously illegal" and "intentionally produced a negative resonance in society," asking the SCM to take measures with regard to the magistrate. 

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