The Mayor of Taraklia city, Serghei Filipov, was dismissed from office. On is reported that the reason for that was the coupe of several trees in the square of the Mayor’s Office. The Court of Appeals of Cahul city considered it enough for the condemnation and on April, 4 sustained a sentence.

The Mayor is to pay a fine of 8000 lei and cover the prejudice of 164 thousand lei. Moreover, he can’t hold public positions during the next 2 years.

Pirkka Tapiola, the head of the EU delegation in Moldova considers the removal from office of Filipov an act of political revenge.

In 2014 the anticorruption prosecutors accused the Mayor of abuse of power for a decision to cut several trees in the framework of redevelopment of the square in the center of Taraklia. The prosecutors required 6,5 years in prison for the Mayor, but faced a definite protest of the citizens of Taraklia.

In April 2015 the Court of Taraklia acquitted the Mayor, but the Court of Appeals of Cahul city recently decided that he is guilty. Serghei Filipov affirms that this decision makes a part of political revenge and he will elicit truth in the Supreme Court of Moldova.

Pirkka Tapiola is on Filipov’s side and recently expressed his indignation in a social network: «I am surprised and disappointed of the decision of the Cahul Court of Appeals referring to the Mayor. We discussed it with the leaders of the diplomatic mission and want to express our frustration about what has happened».

Serghei Filipov, a member of the Communist Party of Moldova was elected for the second mandate a Mayor of Taraklia during the local elections in 2015.

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