The Minister of the Environment prevented Renato Usatiy. The leader of the Our Party got a letter from Valery Munteanu with a prevention about a fine in case if Usatiy burns car tires at the protest on the Square of a Great National Meeting.

Renato Usatiy encouraged people to come to the protest with car tires. On his page on Facebook he wrote: “During the conversation with my friend there came an idea to me: I will buy all the tires from people that will come to the protest for 150-200 lei. That’s why, If you have any old tires, don’t throw them”.


In the answer to the letter Usatiy said that he wouldn’t give up his idea: ”My friend said that he won’t renounce to buy the tires, the more so liberal like Munteanu said it’s dangerous. Let Munteanu speak about the ecology in Chishinau, or write about how they sent 600-700 branches in the likeness of planting stock. He should resolve the problem of ecology of the Bic river”.

We remember that the platform DA and the Our Party plan a protest in Chisinau on April, 24. The leader of the socialists Igor Dodon said they won’t take part in the protest: ”We affirmed earlier that we wouldn’t participate in any protests during big Christian holydays”. 

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