The Court of Accounts has completed the management audit of public funds of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in 2015. The report was examined at the public meeting on May, 12.

General results

On 31.12.2015 the value of public assets managed by the NBS amounted 54.4 million lei. According to the audit results, the institution’s assets management is affected by the non-registration of property rights on buildings and plots of land and the lack of reflecting their value in the accounting documents of the institution. The 17 plots of land worth 4.1 million lei were not recorded in the accounting documents of the territorial statistical offices.

The Court has also found that the NBS did not provide full information on revenues from rental. Also, some of the institution’s properties were privatized without the NBS permission, without any tender and for underestimated price.

The public acquisitions’ process of the institution reveals non-compliance: there were mistakes in the planning of acquisitions; the working groups hadn’t signed the confidentiality statements and etc.

The audit’s results show that the economic-financial indicators of the SE Publishing House Statistica, founded by the NBS, decreased in the last years, but the administrative expenses  were increasing. This was caused by printing and issuing a special regime documents forms. The SE Statistica capital about 6.1915 million lei was not reflected in the Budget execution balance of the public authorities / institutions.

About the population census organization


The National Bureau of Statistics was responsible for organizing and conducting the population and housing census, its data processing and generalization of the results. The census was conducted from May 12 to May 25, 2014. There were allocated 81.0 million lei for 2013-2015. The audit determined that the United Nations Population Fund allocated the 8.2 million lei of the financial support. There were spent only 73.3 million lei, it’s 7.7 million lei less than was approved by the annual budget. The Court established that the NBS hasn’t executed the product performance indicators related to the census’ data because of the insufficient financial resources.

The head of the NBS risks to be fired

The day before the publishing of the Report, on the May, 11 at the  Government meeting Pavel Filip said that the head of the NBS Marin Gospodarenco has compiled a poor investigation on census’ data. The Prime Minister offered him three days to remedy the situation or he may be fired: "If you are not able to present a Report, then you resign".

MarinGospodarenco.jpgПодписьThe NBS’s head Marin Gospodarenco was appointed by the Filip’s Government on February 10, 2016

The Court's of Accounts audit found that at the NBS remains the risks of delaying the publication of the final results of the census.

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