Tsutsu is known as a K-1 fighter, best in Moldova. Many of the competitions in which he participated were organized by a close relative of Plahotniuk, Dorin Damir, the chairman of the FEA (Fighting & Entertainment Association).

Constantin TutuTsutsu Constantine joined the Democratic Party in 2014 and later became a deputy, in spite of the connection with the criminal world, which he denies.

Tsutsu together with Pruteanu Oleg (called Borman) figured in a criminal case of the murder in 2012, committed by Alexei Veretko («Krasavchik»). According to Rise, Tsutsu and Borman for a long time entered the underground organization «Patron»,  which included athletes.

The proof of the involvment of Tsutsu in the activities of «Borman» and «Patron» criminal groups appears in the accusement of the Romanian Prosecutor's Office for combating mafia. According to the attached documents, Tsutsu together with Borman, as well as with the leaders of the group were involved in a conflict with people specialized in the installation of the equipment for production and packaging cigarettes.


Source: www.rise.md (Niku Patron)

The romanian authorities claim that «Tsutsu didn’t give a permission for few workers to leave the plant and to establish a clandestine manufacture of cigarettes in one of the villages in Romania because earlier they worked for Vladimir Mardar. There appeared contradictions between him and «Patron» and Mardar left the group and joint a georgian «thief in law» Glonti Sergei (Guga)».

All the leaders were involved later in the conflict: Gushan Ion (Nicku Patron), Gori Valery (Valeri), Gennady Vekiu (Clifford) and Oleg Pruteanu (Borman). However, they were unable to solve the conflict and called intermediaries– «thieves in law» from Odessa (Ciro Shonija, Gevorg Uhlava and Guga). The meeting took place on July 13, 2013.

There were attached the recordings of phone conversations between the criminals: «This mouse Tsutsu doesn’t allow a worker to leave the plant, and now they swear ... He is connected with that Borman» – said Gori Valery.

Tsutsu denies his links with the underworld. Now he is not only a deputy of the Parliament, but also a member of the parliamentary commission for culture, education and media.

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