The situation in the year of presidential election in Transnistria becomes too tense. 

049054052051051.jpgThe Deputy Speaker Galina Antiufeeva at the special session of the Supreme Council accused the president of the breakaway region of his complicacy in the thieft from the budget of the republic.

Earlier Crime Moldova wrote about several „big scandals in small Transnistria”: the disappearance of the CEO of the Moldovan Metalurgicall Plant (MMP) – Talgat Baitaziyev and the link between the president Evgeny Shevciuk and the company-intermediary „Energocapital”, because of that the state lost all the profits from the sale of electricity.

We remind the reader that the Kazakh entrepreneur Talgat Baitaziyev, that had behind  him many closed insolvent plants, was invited a CEO to MMP personally by Evgeny Shevciuk. Soon he appeared in a video of criminal shoot-outs with Vladimir Yurash and immediately evanesced, leaving the plant in sorry state.

The scandalous intermediary firm Energocapital, according to official data, belongs to the president. When it appeared in the scheme of sale electricity by MoldGRES to Moldovan side, the budget of Transnistria lost big amount from the profits of sale electricity. The experts set that all the revenue came to Energocapital.

All these things, in the opinion of Galina Antiufeeva and a number of deputies, caused the breakdown of the economy and currency market of the republic. The total amount, that overpassed the state budget of Transnistria, is about $100 mln. That is a huge sum for the republic, that was withdrawn from the MMP, the Transnistrian Railway, MoldGRES, Energocapital etc.

The Supreme Council vote for the creation of a special deputy commission to investigate the facts together with the law enforcement agencies. 
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