Pavel Filip asked the State Chancellery for a report on how the European money were administered and how effective were they used.

"Recently a report of the European Court of Auditors was published in which the audit of funding of Moldova between 2007-2015, is presented. Discussions in society started, I will have a discussion with the EU delegation in Chisinau to see how to proceed better in this case," said the premier.

"I do not want take responsibility for the others. This government was already in a position to reinstate some money to the treasury accounts that have been used by previous governments for other purposes." said the Premier.

Filip mentioned that were increased the penalties for crimes with EU funds and the guilty are called for accountability.

According to the audit report on the financing of the Republic of Moldova during 2007-2015, published by the European Court of Auditors, Moldova received - since 2007 - digital financial aid of EUR 782 million in total: EUR 37 per inhabitant. This being "the highest amount given to an EU Eastern Neighbourhood country."

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