The “Dignity and Truth” members deny that they provoked clashes during Sunday's protesters. They claim that the provocateurs were “people affiliated to Plahotniuc" and that they were among the protesters. According to the news portal IPN, their mission was to discredit the civic platform and protest movement.

Vasile Nastase, one of the leaders of the “Dignity and Truth”, said that acts of violence during the protests were caused not by the protesters, but by the police officers, who were under cover in the crowd. Moreover, he said that he was sprayed with the pepper spray and barely managed to get out from the crowd.

Andrei Nastase, the head of the “Dignity and Truth” said that after the Easter holidays there are planned other protests, but they should be discussed at the Civic Forum.

On Sunday, April 24, in the capital were organized protests of thousands people. The protesters demanded the resignation of the government, early parliamentary elections and punishment for those who committed robbery in the banking sector. Also the protesters demanded a criminal punishment for the "violations committed by the politician and businessman Vlad Plahotniuc".

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