Buiucani District Court decided to publish the reasoned judgment in the case of ex-Prime Minister Vlad Filat, after it had been depersonalized and personal data were hidden. 

The information was communicated to the portal Anticoruptie.md by Svetlana Rudei, head of Buiucani District Directorate for Generalization and Systematization of Jurisprudence.

According to the source, the decision will be posted in full, when the judge who stores the information in her computer, will return from vacation. "As the the decision is very long, there was a technical fault and not all the pages can be seen.  In fact, it was posted in full from the very beginning, but only 24 pages can be read.  We cannot correct it now, because judge Niculcea, who stores in her computer the decision, is on holiday, and the case is in the Court of Appeal", said Svetlana Rudei, cited by anticoruptie.md.

So far, neither the prosecution nor the defense of Filat, have commented on the publication of the judgment. 

Earlier, Judge Galina Moscalciuc, chair of the court panel that examined the case of the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat said that the substantiated decision will not be published on the website of the Buiucani Court, until the Court of Appeal rules on this case.

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