Ilan Sor's case was resumed today in a new hearing after the postponement of that of October 6. Today, the court decided to dismiss the request of Shor's lawyers on his release from house arrest and the decision is with no right of appeal.

The lawyers of Ilan Shor said that the court decision might be interpreted as negligence on behalf of the judiciary system.

Recall that the previous meeting was postponed as Shor's lawyers asked to carry out an additional expertise and change the measure of house arrest, which was rejected by the court today.

The lawyers’ request is based on the fact that Ilan Shor was registered as the trustee of the presidential candidate Inna Popenco, a point on which they continue to insist, noting that they will make a referral to the Constitutional Court.

At the same time, a new hearing is set for 19 October, when the actual examination of the case will begin. In this context, the list of witnesses has been approved, but the lawyers have not revealed their names.

This time again, the residents of Orhei protested in support of their mayor. The protest was also attended by the presidential candidate Inna Popenco.

In a recent Facebook post, Popenco wrote that she calls for the release of Ilan Shor from house arrest in connection with his registration as her trustee for the presidential campaign. The same was written is a post on behalf of Ilan Shor.

Ilan Shor’s wife, the Russian singer Jasmin, also attended the hearing.

Recall that Ilan Shor is under investigation in a case of extremely large swindle and money laundering through the Savings Bank (BEM).

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