In the Supreme Council of Transnistria press release, published today, were stated that the speaker Vadim Krasnoselsky announced the discussion about the situation on the Transnistrian currency market. He said that the authorities had different opinions about the situation on currency market. The people of Transnistria are deeply affected by the crisis and expect solutions for it.

Among those guilt of the Transnistrian is the company Energocapital, a company-intermediary in the scheme of sale of energy to Moldova.

During the meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Council, the head of the Transnistrian Republican Bank (TRB) Eduard Kosovskii presented a detailed report about the situation on the local currency market. The Bank proposed the devaluation of currency since March. Then the exchange rate was of 14-16 rubles for 1 dollar. Later was proposed the rate from 12.25 to 12.75 rubles for 1 dollar, but it was rejected by the Transnistrian lawmakers. The TRB claims that existing monetary mass don’t cover the demand on the currency, the rate should be about 12.50 rubles for 1 dollar. "De facto devaluation has already occurred. It is necessary to make a legitimate form for it", – claimed Eduard Kosovskii. He noted the need to implement a series of measures proposed by the central bank, but their effectiveness depends on the speed of the decision making.

The vice-speaker of parliament Alexander Serba believes that "it is necessary to avoid politicizing the issue and adopt a common position".

"We propose to invite to the plenary session the Government members. People expect the consolidated solutions", – said the head of the legislature Vadim Krasnoselsky.

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