On 24 April 2016, four pro-union non-governmental organizations in Chisinau, the Democratic Forum of Romanians in Moldova, led by Nicolae Dabija, a poet and writer, editor- in- chief of the weekly  newspaper "Literature and Art", the Association of War Veterans "Tiras- Tighina", headed by Anatol Caraman, NGO "Allegiance to Homeland", led by Genadie Cosovan and National Unity Bloc, headed by Constantin Codreanu, constituted the Country Council 2, a forum of unionists in Moldova.
The 138 members of the Country Council 2 are remarkable personalities, however, some persons, who until recently campaigned against unionism and belonged to Vladimir Plahotniuc’s entourage, penetrated into the Council. This makes us believe that the Democrat shadow leader would control an important segment of the unionist movement in Moldova.

 Colonel Cosovan - from a fierce supporter of the Customs Union to a leader of unionist movement 
Colonelul Cosovan.png

Catch "Publika TV 


The former Interior Minister Ghenadie Cosovan is the leader of one of the four organizations that founded the Country Council 2 and is on the 41st position (the list was drawn up in alphabetical order). He was born in 1960 in Cioara village, Hancesti District. Being discharged from military service, he continued his studies at the investigation school. He started his activity as an ordinary officer and advanced up to the position of Deputy Minister of Interior. The culmination of his career falls on the communist government. During his activity in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Cosovan was involved in several scandals; the most notorious was the grenade attack on him. Cosovan accused of organizing his assassination Malhaz Djaparidze, a thief in law, who soon died under suspicious circumstances in Pruncul prison. The Prosecutor General subsequently announced that the authors of the attack were some drug traffickers from north of Moldova.

After the fall of the communist regime, Colonel Cosovan already in reserve comes to the public eye promoting the need to create an alternative to the European Union based on the CIS, the main argument being "spiritual affinities between Russian and Moldovan people". Moreover, in the parliamentary elections in November 2010, Ghenadie Cosovan occupies the eighth position on the list of the Humanist Party of Moldova (HPM), led by the former security chief Valeriu Pasat, a close friend of the Russian politician Anatolii Chubais. The Humanist Party, whose member was Ghenadie Cosovan, opted for Moldova's accession to the Customs Union.

Lista partidul umanist.png

"We want Moldova's accession to the Customs Union of Belarus-Kazakhstan-Russia; we will synchronize our actions in this respect with Ukraine. Considering the Western European experience of creating a Common Market, we will develop, jointly with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other state partners, a policy of creating a common economic space", according to the electoral program of HPM 2010.

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Since 2014, Ghenadie Cosovan is a permanent guest of the TV programs, hosted by Publika TV, whose ultimate beneficiary is Vladimir Plahotniuc. In July 2014, Colonel Cosovan registered the public organization "Allegiance to Homeland" which has the goal of consolidating the 1992 War Veterans, veterans of the MIA, ISS, NAC, Ministry of Defense and the widows and parents of the fallen officers. 

Asociaţia Obştească CREDINŢĂ PATRIEI
Asociaţia Obştească CREDINŢĂ PATRIEI

Cosovan has repeatedly spoken in favor of political stability in Moldova in the broadcast of Publika TV, especially during the Fabrika show. It was evident when police announced revealing the organizations that intended to encroach on "elected constitutional power." He is a vehement critic of the Dignity and Truth Platform. He often announces the media about the danger of coups backed by government opposition, led by Plahotniuc."The veterans of Nistru war would retaliate against the blocking of the national arteries by the organizers of anti-government protests. This is not a gesture of despair; it is an action to organize national forces to rebuff those who want to destroy our country. For years we've done the job, we were forced to contribute to the maintenance of national security, when law enforcement bodies did not do their job, "Ghenadie Cosovan said in a press conference on 27 January 2017.

Meanwhile, Ghenadie Cosovan becomes an ardent promoter of unionism, especially in the television studios of Publika TV and Prime. He actively participated in the organization of the March of Unionists on 27 April 2016 and of the organization of the Country Council 2: “We, war officers, the army and the soldiers, we are ready to contribute to Unification”.

Vladimir Maiduc – a generous sponsor of the Democratic Party

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The controversial businessperson and Interior Ministry colonel in reserve, Vladimir Maiduc is an active member of the Democratic Party. Before becoming head of Internal Security Department in 2012, Vladimir Maiduc was councilor from DPM in Ialoveni District Council.
Vladimir Maiduc was noticed in public life of the Moldovan capital, when serving vice-commissioner for operational activities of the General Police Inspectorate of Chisinau. Maiduc is allegedly the godson of the lamented Valeri Rotari, aka Zelionîi, shot in 2000 after some settling of scores between criminal clans. In his turn, Maiduc is godfather of another shady leader, Valeriu Lasco, alias Karlik. In 2003, a criminal case was initiated against Maiduc for extortion in large proportions. Police sources revealed that Maiduc, helped by his godson, had extorted a million dollars from the notorious Veaceslav Platon, having helped him to legalize a fake ID card. No one knows what happened to this criminal case in the end, but it is confirmed that Maiduc together with his family left for Germany then. It is gossiped that Maiduc is also godfather of Catalin Giosan, director of PRO TV Chisinau, he worked there as Head of Security Department.  In 2007, Vladimir Maiduc ran for councilor of Chisinau on the list of Conservative Party, political party that is far from the unionist ideas. "A member of the Conservative Party must stand for unity, indivisibility, sovereignty and independence of Moldova, to raise the prestige of the Republic of Moldova in the world," reads the CP’s constitution. 
lista Partidului Conservator

In the local elections of 2011, Maiduc managed to become a counselor, this time representing the DP in Ialoveni district council. In 2012, he was appointed Head of the Internal Security of the MIA by the then Interior Minister, Dorin Recean. Following some disagreements with Recean, Vladimir Maiduc leaves the position in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, being upset that he was not advanced to the rank of general.

Before returning to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Maiduc managed to put in motion several profitable companies. In his income and property declaration, the new head of Internal Security stated that he was the sole owner of three companies, of which one was providing security services, another sanitation works and one real estate. However, Maiduc did not declare the enterprises in Romania, or "Forest Club" business, a rest-resort in Carbuna village, Ialoveni district, where a one-day ticket costs 200 lei. 

declaraţia de avere, Vladimir Maiduc

In the autumn of 2014, Vladimir Maiduc registered the public organization "Without corruption," its goal is unmasking corruption in state institutions. The organization's activity does not seem to be fruitful, being limited to the organization of several flash-mobs at LDP headquarters.    

Vladimir Maiduc alături de Ghenadie Cosovan.png Vladimir Maiduc alongside with Genadie Cosovan in a press conference, photo contracoruptiei.md    

In March 2016, Vladimir Maiduc amazes his acquaintances by his efforts to organize a unionist march and the founding congress of Country Council 2, being on 82nd position on the list of the forum.

In July 2016, the Central Election Commission published on its page the official financial reports of political parties in Moldova for the first half of 2016.Vladimir Maiduc turned out to be the most generous of all those who made ​​donations to the parties. He offered the Democratic Party the biggest amount of money – nothing more than 500,000 lei.

"Yes it's me. There is no other Vladimir Maiduc in Moldova. Yes, I am a member of the party and I donated money to support the Democratic Party. It’s not the first time when I donate for the Party, but this time, the amount is more substantial”, Maiduc subsequently declared for mass media.

Partidului Democrat finantatori.png

You can find more information about the other unionist leaders in the continuation of this investigation, it's coming up soon.

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