Renato Usatii is already well-known for making the "secret" information about some of the former and current Moldovan politicians public. In 2014 he made in 2 TV shows such statements referring to the former President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. He spoke about Voronin’s wealth and involvement in some schemes managed by Vladimir Plahotniuc. After these statements Voronin sued Usatii for damaging the honor, dignity and personal reputation.

Usatii's statements, which displeased Voronin

In August 2014 Vladimir Voronin sued Renato Usatii for protection of honor, dignity and professional reputation. Voronin was offended by the Usatii’s words during the TV program "Ochiul Public" on the NorocTV on June 9, 2014. Usatii said there: "I believe that his fortune (Voronin’s) is about 200 million euro, without mentioning his house in California, the private resort in Carlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, the house in Greece, the house in Baden-Baden in Germany and he owns one more house in Germany, but I don’t know where it is. The Californian house was a gift from the Russian businessman... ".

In the same interview Usatii made also statements about other politicians: Mihai Ghimpu, Vlad Filat and Vlad Plahotniuc.

усатый 1+1.pngAlso the former President Vladimir Voronin said that on June 25, 2014, during the TV program "1 + 1" on AccentTV Renato Usatii said that Voronin took part in several schemes organized by Vladimir Plahotniuc and received from various people 5 million dollars for the 2009 elections.

Voronin argued that these allegations were not true and demanded the refutation of that information and the apologies from Usatii within those TV-shows. Voronin also claimed that this defamatory information caused serious stress and moral injury so he asked for the symbolic damage compensation in the amount of 1 leu.

Voronin's honor was examined is three courts

The first court decided that Renato Usatii had to refute the information through the same TV-shows and had to apologize. Also Renato Usatii had to pay Voronin the compensation worth 1 leu and 370 lei for trial expenses.

On November 13, 2014, Usatii appealed that verdict, requesting its cancellation. The Chisinau Court of Appeals upheld the Buiucani District Court decision on June 17, 2015 and challenged the Chisinau Court of Appeals decision.

усатый noroc tv.pngThe Supreme Court of Justice College of civil, commercial and administrative cases found that there weren’t considered the interests of the NorocTV and the AccentTV, which were involved in the process. The SCJ said that the case "Voronin vs. Usatîi" was necessary to retrial, because it was impossible to correct the error that targeted participants in the process. Finally the Supreme Court of Justice upheld the Usatii’s appeal and the case was sent back to the Buiucani District Court for the retrial.

The Usatii’s previous cases on the damaging the honor and dignity

Usatii has been accused of damaging the honor and dignity before. CrimeMoldova wrote about one of the cases in the article "The Global Prestservice vs Renato Usatii: the Balti Municipality Mayor won't make a public apology”.

Another case against the controversial politician took place in June 2014. Then, being at the Ministry of Justice, Usatii used insulting terms to the former Minister of Justice  Oleg Efrim and Vlad Filat.

Then Usatii was fined by 50 s.u. Usatii challenged the decision at the court, and the court decided to cancel the verdict. But the official examiner appealed this decision of the Buiucani District Court. The Chisinau Court of Appeals decided to remain in force the Buiucani District Court verdict because there was no complaint from Efrim or Filat, but the claim about the Usatii’s “obscene” behavior was made by a deputy who wasn’t empowered to do that. 

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