The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and the deputy ministers don’t have such  great incomes as their colleagues from the Ministry of Justice.

Galbur owns 2 cars and no real estate

The current Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration was previously the deputy minister at the same ministry as well as the Ambassador of Moldova to the Russian Federation, the Charge d'Affairs at the Republic of Moldova’s embassy in Washington USA, the First Secretary at the Republic of Moldova’s embassy in Vienna, and held other diplomatic functions.

Andrei Galbur.png

Galbur declared an income from salary of 187 610 lei as the Ambassador of Moldova to the Russian Federation in 2015. Another 7011 euros were obtained from allowances for the Ambassador’s position. Galbur declared the only one real estate object: a garage worth about 7,000 lei.

Officially he has no house or apartment. Galbur declared 2 cars worth 11500 lei and 474 000 lei. The last one was bought in 2014. The financial assets of the Minister are about 9,000 lei.

Galbur did not declare any shareholding at any company.

The deputy ministers own shareholders at successeful companies

The deputy minister Lilian Darii declared income from salary worth 133 588 lei and 11,400 lei more from his wife’s salary.

He declared a plot of land worth 20 thousand lei. His wife declared owning of an apartment worth 32 928 euro.

Both spouses have personal cars worth 28 thousand lei (the deputy minister) and 270 thousand lei (deputy minister’s wife).

Lilian Dari.png

Also, both spouses are shareholders at successful companies. Lilian Darii has a 10% share at the prestigious company Micusa-Stil, considered one of the leaders of the beauty industry. Cezara Darii has a 40.4% share at the company Victiraid SRL.

According to the information in the internet, the Victiraid is known by locals as the Popas Vanatoresc restaurant located at the edge of the wood, near the road from the Hancesti to the Albita’s checkpoint.

Popas Vânătoresc.pngPopas vinatoresc

Daniela Morari declared even smaller incomes than her fellow deputy minister. She declared income from salary worth 136 626 lei in 2015.

Daniela Morari.png

The deputy minister also declared a plot of land for construction worth 187 664 lei bought in 2012, and a BMW worth 144 431 lei bought in 2010. According to her wealth declaration, Daniela Morari has no financial assets or shares at any company.

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