In late March the National Integrity Commission announced that only 1/3 of public officials filed their wealth declarations for 2015.

We decided to see who is among those 1/3 of officials and how wealthy they are.

According to official information from the websites of the ministries and, only 4 of 16 ministers and 6 of 40 deputy ministers filed their wealth declarations for 2015.

Minister of Justice founded a new company and bought a new plot of land

Vladimir Cebotari (from Democratic Party) is the actual Minister of Justice from July 2015, he also held this position in government of Strelets. He was proposed for the position of Minister by the Democratic Party. 

Vladimir Cebotari.pngVladimir Chebotari

Earlier he held public positions in the SE "Railway of Moldova" (CEO), the Ministry of Transport and Roads Infrastructure (deputy Minister), the Civil Aviation Authority (CEO), the SE "MoldATSA" (President of Administration Council). Cebotari declared an income of 160 323 lei from salary, including salaries from the “Raiway of Moldova” and MTRI. The declared income was lower than in 2013 and 2014.

Vladimir Cebotari averea.pngSource:

In 2015, the official bought a plot of land for construction worth about 95 thousand lei. In the wealth declaration were also mentioned an apartment and two houses without noticing their value. Moreover, their value had not been declared in any previous wealth declarations.

He also declared incomes from shareholding in the Neaos SRL (15%), but their value was not specified.

Cebotari is also associated with two companies: the Vlaconic (95%), the C&V Support (50%). His wife is associated with two other companies: the Tchebo Com (100%) and the Fly One (40%). About the Fly One, Crime Moldova wrote in the article "Wife of the Minister of Justice opens an airline company".

According to the site, the Minister of Justice is also the  President of the Board in Christian Foundation for Relief "Save the children from streets".

In 2014, NIC confirmed the violations of filing the wealth declaration for 2013 by Vladimir Cebotari, but he was not punished because the violations were noncritical and unintentional.

The deputy ministers’ fortunes

Nicholae Eshanu declared an income from salary of 181 691 lei (greater than the Minister). The deputy minister earned about 61 000 lei for his scientific activities in the Council of Europe.

He owns an apartment worth over half a million lei and a car (Honda CR-V) estimated 250 thousand lei.

Nicolae_Esanu.jpgNicolae Eshanu

The deputy minister has 7,200 lei as the financial assets.

Also Eshanu holds 20 shares in the Tirex Petrol (they are equal to 120 lei). The deputy minister is a member of the European Commission for Democracy through Law.

Eduard Sherbenco declared an income worth 64 327 lei from salary. The deputy minister earned 61 460 from his scientific and didactic activities.

serbenco.jpgEduard Sherbenco

Sherbenco declared a plot of land for construction worth 26 426 lei, an apartment (its value was not noticed), a house worth about half a million lei and other two buildings worth about 80 thousand lei.

The deputy minister has 114 822 lei, 11 492 euro, $ 7547, 35 567 Canadian dollars as the financial assets.

According to the wealth declaration, Sherbenco is not associated with any company.

At the meeting (April 7) NIC voted the examination of Cerbu Sabina’s wealth declaration for 2014, because of violations done while filing it.

The Crime Moldova will continue the series of articles about the officials’ wealth declarations  for 2015.

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