Acording to the statement of income last year,Chisinau mayor Dorin Chirtoaca, has bought an apartment of 72 square meters on the boulevard Mircea cel Batran in Ciocana.

The property has a cadastral value of half a million MDL, in the document, the mayor made a statement related to the transaction "three-room apartment on Testemiţanu Street, appearing in statements of past years as put on sale in 2015 but was sold in January 2016. Thus, between 20 November 2015 - January 2016, according to data from the Cadastre, will most likely appear two apartments in the property. In reality, the first apartment was sold for the current appartment on Boulevard Mircea cel Batran to be bought. To pay for the flat purchased, we carried out a loan. After selling the apartment from the Testemiţanu street was also closed the loan from Moldagroindbank, given that the apartment sold had three-room (90 square meters)  with a higher value.The current one has two rooms. " The mayor owns a house which he inherited in 2014, with an area of 230 square meters and has a cadastral value of about MDL 780.000. Chirtoaca also inherited three garages, a cellar, an annex household and land intended for construction of 0.3069 hectares and worth MDL 500.000. According to, in 2015, the mayor had a salary of MDL 160.000 lei.

Chirtoaca owns two cars, an Opel Astra and BMW 318. He also has a MDL credit, made in 2013 with an interest rate of 10% and due 2033.

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