A new airline company is to appear in Moldova. It’s actions for the transportation of the travellers to different European cities will start in Mai, 2016.

According to the web-site anticoruptie.md, one of the founders of the firm is the wife of the current Minister of Justice Vladimir Chebotari. Maria Chebotari is the executive director of the firm.

The Minister doesn’t deny this fact. He said to the journalists from anticoruptie.md that it is a family business: Exactly like anyone in Moldova I face problems”.

We mention that the total revenue of the minister is of 16 thousand lei.

The company Fly One has a social capital of 500 000 lei and was founded by three persons, one of them Maria Chebotari. Her part in the company accounts 40%. The new business was mentioned in the latest declaration of incomes of the minister, published in 2015 on the web-site of the Ministry of Justice.

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