At the protest organized on April, 24 were some clashes between the police and citizens. They were registered in the capital’s center at the Bulgarian Street, where supposedly is situated the home of Vlad Plahotniuc.

Because of the clashes there were hospitalized 14 policemen and 2 protesters. According to the head of the General Police Inspectorate Alexandru Panzari, the 4 policemen were hospitalized with serious wounds.

The head of the GPI said after clashes in the center of the capital there was initiated a criminal case under Art. 285 of the Penal Code “Mass disorders”. "There were identified several suspicious activities, but it’s better to wait the qualification by the General Directorate of Criminal Prosecution. We did everything possible to maintain order in Chisinau and the Republic of Moldova" – ZDG quotes the head of GPI.

There was arrested the only young man who is in custody for 72 hours. "Unfortunately, the information I mentioned earlier was confirmed. This is due to the organization of mass disorder. The police have done an excellent job, I can say, to handle the situation. In other case there could be much more serious consequences" – said Panzari.

The protest degenerated into violence, the police was attacked with stones and they used the tear-gas against the protesters.

The website has published the list of the policemen and civilians who were injured:

injured officers and policemen.png

We remind you that yesterday, on Sunday, April 24, 2016, thousands of people gathered at an anti-government protest on the Great National Assembly Square in the center of Chisinau. The protesters moved after a while to the Vlad Plahotniuc’s residence and to the Global Business Center building also owned by him.

The protest was organized by the Civil platform "Dignity and truth» (DA), joined also by several representatives of civil society and political parties (Liberal-Democratic Party and Liberal-Reformist Party).

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