Transnistrian authorities continue to insist on the existence of a railway blockade, created by Moldova and Ukraine. 

A report of the local TV station "Pervii Prednestrovskii" stated that Transnistrian Railways are on the threshold of resignations and company losses exceeded 8 million rubles this year, due to a dramatic drop of freight traffic. The blame is again attributed to Moldova and Ukraine, which through allegedly joint actions blocked the railway traffic. They cite the example of fuel transportation by railways, which would have become impossible. In this context, according to the source, the self-proclaimed republic initiates an extraordinary meeting in a "5 + 2" negotiation format.

The “5+2” format negotiations, held in June, in Berlin, in which the parties reaffirmed their commitment to resolve all the problems through negotiation are just words, according to the source.

Deputy Foreign Minister of the so-called TRM, Igor Sornicov, told "Pervii Prednestrovskii": "At the conference in Bavaria, Moldova and Ukraine blocked the delivery of petroleum products to Transnistria. This led to a crisis in the country and the consultations with the Moldovan side revealed their real purpose and refusal to find a compromise solution."

Transnistrian press claims that Moldova rejects any options for cooperation between Transnistrian and Moldovan Railways and suggests that the self-proclaimed republic resolves the issue of the Cuciurgan station in particular with Ukraine. The source also notes that Chisinau insists on the additional registration in Moldova of goods that are to arrive in Transnistria and on the creation of additional checkpoints at the stations "Bender-2" and "Rabnita".

In this way, Moldova would have ceased to fulfill the conditions of the Agreement reached in 2012 by Yevgeny Shevchuk and ex-Prime Minister Vlad Filat, and due to which the railway transport was unlocked.  Due to that agreement, claims the local press, Transnistrian enterprises have successfully activated without transporting goods through the northern part of Moldova.

As a result, Transnistria requires conducting an extraordinary meeting in the "5 + 2" format to solve the problem.

Deputy Foreign Minister of the so called TRM, Igor Sornicov, said for "Pervii Prednestrovskii" that on 20 July, Transnistria sent to all the "5 + 2" members letter-requests in this respect. He also said that informally, he was informed that in the nearest future, such extraordinary meeting is unlikely, since it is the holiday season. Sornicov believes that most likely such a meeting could take place at the end of August, beginning of September. 

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