2016 was a fruitful year for the Democratic Party deputy and athlete Constantin Tutu. At least this conclusion can be made based on his declaration of income and property.

Last year, he earned 113,401.12 lei, which accounts for his parliamentary salary, in the amount of 9450 lei per month. At the same time, Tutu benefitted of several donations worth 15,000 euros and 75,000 lei.

In 2016, the deputy sold his Skoda for 10,000 lei, instead, the kickboxing fighter bought two new cars - a Mercedes-Benz SL55, manufactured in 2006 and worth 20,000 lei and a Mercedes-Benz S350, manufactured in 2014, worth 75,000 euros.

The deputy also has an apartment in Chisinau with an area of ​​82 square meters.

We remind you that Tutu has been a member of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, representing the Democratic Party faction, since December 29, 2014. In 2012, Tutu was involved in a scuffle in Orhei, which resulted in the death of the Moldovan criminal, Alexei Veretco, alias Krasavcik, but he was released of criminal prosecution.


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