Last week, during a TV program, Balti mayor and leader of Our Party, Renato Usatîi, said that Plahotniuc would have proposed him 1.5 million dollars to leave the country during September-November 2016.

Today, Usatii was supposed to testify on this case but he did not come to the prosecutor’s office. He went to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, but was not heard: "I came here only because I esteem the journalists, to explain how things are," said Usatîi.

“I do not trust the Plahotniuc’s Prosecution Service. They now sit around thinking about how to "crush" Usatii because they are not thinking now on how to make Plahotniuc answer for corruption”, stated Usatîi.

Viorel Morari, Head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Ofice, told the press that Renato Usatîi will be called to hearings to testify and if he does not show any further, it means "that act has not occurred and is just a media show”.

„I do not want to make any comments. It is unfortunate that some people make statements to the press, but do not want to make statements to the investigation. I cannot initiate an investigation when not all the facts are clear to me: How did he get to Plahotniuc? Who invited him? What kind of discussion did they have? This has to be communicated by the interviewed person”, declared Viorel Morari. 

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