The decision of the Constitutional Court (CC) of December 13, 2016 to validate the presidential runoff is far from being just a legal formality, nor is it a great joy for the winning candidate, even if shortly after validation, Igor Dodon is insisting on climbing up, as fast as possible, into the presidential chair. The question is how safe and strong will it be? And what could he do as President of the State, having a permanent sword of Damocles hanging over his head," and his hands tied by the Parliament?

After the euphoria of becoming a president, Dodon could be brought back to reality, if he paid attention to some issues, on which the Constitutional Court insisted. As we know, the Constitutional Court does not insist for no particular reason, because any sneeze or exception, approved by the CC, immediately becomes a legal precedent.  Moreover, only the Court may give interpretations to its earlier precedents.

Thus, it should be noted that the high court criticized both the CEC and the courts that had not performed their duties properly, which means that they simply withdrew from their legal obligations. Moreover, the president of the CC, Alexandru Tanase, in his lecture on the validation of elections, expressed his bewilderment why a particular candidate (Maia Sandu) had not insisted on the court’s acceptance of appeals. It seems that he suggests, Maia, you go on insisting, and we will waive the future court decisions in front of Dodon when he wants to do something, or when he refuses to do what he will be told. Is there anything else? Yes, even the high court recognized the faulty and poor organization of elections abroad, which led to the disenfranchisement in 18 polling stations.

Of course, the Court's decisions (currently) have no retroactive action and Tanase emphasized that - at the moment - there are no grounds to invalidate the elections. He immediately reprobated the courts: don’t sleep, continue to do your job, but do it well, qualitatively, to the last resort! See what are the remaining complaints?  And to the opposition: continue to appeal. Tanase rebuked Maia Sandu’s representative for sloppy work, as if he were a lazy student, who had not done his homework. Don’t you think that the Court will do your work for you!

In conclusion, Dodon will be a formal president. With powers, at the moment, to collect stamps, offer valuable and not very valuable badges, to do anything that does not include the act of exercising political power. Except the Sword of Damocles (i.e. all indirect threats of the CC), Dodon incurred other heavy losses on his way to the presidency. The Parliament imposed the designation of the Prosecutor General and deprived him of control over the Intelligence and Security Service. The Parliament also adopted a mechanism to enact legislation that it may oblige the President to declare himself an alien. Under such circumstances, the head of state becomes a carton figure, which sways in the political winds.

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