The Buiucani Court sentenced to prison today, the businessman Viorel Topa - 9 years and his brother-in-law and accomplice, Răzvan Paveliu - 7 years, in a case for forgery and money laundering in especially large proportions, writes The information was confirmed to the source by the Anticorruption Prosecutor Viorel Morari. mentions that the statement on condemning to "15 years in prison" of Viorel Topa was made by DA Platform leader, Andrei Nastase in a debate held today by the Investigative Journalists Club.

The information was subsequently confirmed by the Anti-corruption Prosecutor Viorel Morari, who only said that Viorel Topa was sentenced to nine years in prison. But having a previous conviction from which he absconded, the court ordered the addition of punishments in Topa's case, setting a total of 15 years of imprisonment in the closed type penitentiary.

Also, Răzvan Paveliu, Viorel Topa's brother-in-law and accomplice, was sentenced today to seven years in prison, with a total of 8 years.

The Buiucani Court pronounced it's decision in the absence of the prisoners, which were announced for international search.

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